Liverpool (ENG)

(1) Away, 1968/69
Manufacturer: Unknown; As worn by: Ian St. John.

(2) Away, 1971/72
Manufacturer: Unknown; As worn by: Kevin Keegan.

(3) Away, 1971/72
Manufacturer: Unknown; As worn by: John Toshack.

(4) Away, 1973
Manufacturer: Umbro; As worn by: Steve Heighway.

(5) Home, 1974
Manufacturer: Umbro; As worn by: Emlyn Hughes.

(6) Home, 1975/76
Manufacturer: Umbro; As worn by: Jimmy Case.

(7) Home, 1976-81
Manufacturer: Umbro; As worn by: Kenny Dalglish.

(8) Home, 1992
Manufacturer: Adidas; As worn by: Rob Jones.


Sofa Soccer said...

Always detested that 1992 Liverpool kit...Looked cheap, uninspired and overbranded. For me, LFC kits should have yellow on them somewhere. Still can't beat the 85-87 home shirt...vibrant, shiny red with the unique 3 stripes (trimmed in yellow) extending only too the shoulders.

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